ViaSorb® Demineralized Cancellous Sponges

ViaSorb® Cubes and Strips are demineralized cancellous sponges that provide a natural osteoconductive scaffold with unique compressive capabilities that facilitate packing into bony voids and within allograft spacers. The porous structure of ViaSorb® Sponges allows for adsorption of osteogenic cells from autologous bone marrow aspirate, bony ingrowth, and for vascularization of blood vessels.


XEMPLIFI® is a Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) product that is composed of DBM and a temperature sensitive hydrogel, available with or without cancellous chips. XEMPLIFI® DBM offers an osteoconductive scaffold with proven osteoinductive potential, providing the essential elements of bone regeneration.

SIGNIFY® Bioactive Bone Void Filler

SIGNIFY® Bioactive’s components are designed to recruit and signal osteoblasts that help promote bone formation. SIGNIFY® provides an osteoconductive matrix for new bone growth and contains activating chemistry that attracts and stimulates bone cells.

KINEX® and KINEX® PLUS Bioactive Bone Void Filler

KINEX® and KINEX® PLUS Bioactive’s components are designed to recruit and signal osteoblasts, promote early vascular development and bind proteins necessary for bone regeneration. KINEX® uses The Power of Bioactive Glass® to help promote bone formation and healing in the posterolateral spine, pelvis and extremities.